Greenhouse Design

Sabala Agro offers end to end greenhouse consulting services from conceptual design, development, all the way to construction documents. Our consulting services are based on our own real experiences and real-time experiences of our experts. We gather customer requirements and accordingly advice on greenhouse costing, greenhouse construction scheduling, greenhouse value engineering, greenhouse site safety, and overall greenhouse constructability and performance.

Once the initial documents are ready and costing is approved, a talented member of experienced project management team will guide you through the green house construction process and we even assist our customers in procuring the right materials.

Watering Solutions

We understand the scarcity of water and importance of preserving water to the last drop. We do provide the following consultancy services for water management:
- Water sampling and testing
- Water conservation and harvesting measures
- Assessment of water requirements based on crops planned
- Water drainage systems
- Suggestion of alternate crops if the planned crops need more water than is available
- Sensor based water usage and release monitoring systems

Organic Greenhouse Cultivation

Greenhouse Technology provides crops with a controlled and favourable environment to grow in all seasons thereby increasing the crop yield. Since many vegetable diseases are due to wet conditions and spread or increase with rain such as bacterial spot and speck (and many others), disease problems are reduced.

Sabala Agro specialized in growing multiple, exotic leafy greens and other horticulture crops inside greenhouse. We grow them in organic way without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We use our custom made organic fertilizers, bio growth agents and beneficial insects and grow the crops. The yield is on par with any other crop grown using chemical fertilizers.
We provide the following services on organic greenhouse cultivation:

- Advice on organic fertilized to be used for soil fertility
- Suggestion on high yielding crop varieties
- Suggesting exotic crop varieties which got a higher market value
- Pest management using organic and bio pesticides and growth enhancers
- Beneficial insects sourcing and usage within greenhouse

Urban Greening and Landscaping

With rapid urbanisation, the cities are facing major issues such as:

- Excessive CO2 emissions to atmosphere
- Urban Heat Island Effect
- Low energy efficiency in building
- humidity decrease due to air conditioning
- Sick Building Syndrome
- Loss of bio diversity in urban areas   and deprived urban spaces

Sabala provides urban greening and landscaping consultancy services such as:

- Technical support on all aspects of vertical urban greening
- Support for design, implementation, procurement supply and installation of products and components
- Assessment of site practicalities
- Suggestions of vegetation types based on the climatic conditions

New Technology Adoption

The scarcest resource currently in the world is cultivable land. In the age of information technology, even farmers should think on adopting the agriculture technologies for reducing input costs and increasing yield.

Agriculture technology is useful to the farmers and those running agriculture as a business in multiple ways:

- Agronomic productivity: Using IT will generate more yield per input by using right equipment and systems backed by data-driven insight.

- Farm Operations and Logistics: Automation of critical agriculture operations will not only save man power expenses, but also reduce downtime. Adoption of technology maximize the equipment efficiency and minimize transportation costs.

- Financial Planning and analysis: For large farm owners and companies who run large scale agriculture operations, use of IT and ERP help in more efficient resource planning to leverage management time and improve operational decision making and better forecasting.

Our consultancy services include:

- Training sessions on agriculture technology adoption
- Smart Irrigation
- Indoor Agriculture
- Hydroponic cultivation
- Urban agriculture

Hydroponic Cultivation

What is hydroponics? Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants without soil, by using a system to directly feed nutrients mixed in water to the plant roots there by reducing the usage of water, fossil fuels and maximising yield.

We provide practical advice and information to grow herbs, leafy greens and vegetables through hydroponics. We also advise you on setting up commercial hydroponic systems.

Our services include:
- NFT and channel based systems installation and troubleshooting
- Hydroponic Farm Evaluations
- Suggesting the right hydroponic choice
- Hydroponic fodder production unit deployments
- On-Site consultancy

Post Harvest Technology-Dehydrator

Postharvest Technologies

We provide cost-effective technology to monitor and improve quality and shelf-life of horticulture, floriculture crops based on our real world experiences and scientific research
Our advisory services include:

- Harvest and handling of perishable crops
- Cooling and cold chain management
- Storage and transportation
- Temperature monitoring
- Maintenance of Quality
- Shelf-life extension - Assessment of new technologies

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