Rooftop Gardening

We at Sabala believe in local food movement and self-reliance on growing one’s own food. Since, most of the vegetables bought outside are pesticide laden, it’s always better to grow your own food.

Rooftop gardens not only provide food for the family, roof plantings also help in temperature control and even have ecological benefits.

We provide organic growing kits which includes modular growbeds, special organic naure to grow plants, self-watering system, outlet pipe, poly house construction material, Bio pesticides, layout plans for planting.

Our experts also advise on companion planting and provide garden beautification ideas for aesthetically appealing garden.

Urban Greening

Urban Greening became a necessity now a days because of raising pollution levels, land and water contaminations. Some of the benefits of urban greening are air purification, noise reduction, increased bio diversity, aesthetics and most importantly heat reduction.

We provide the following Urban Greening Solutions:
- Pre-grown panels with air purifying plants that can be placed within building structure or can be attached to the walls
- Pre-grown vertical tower structures that can be placed in and around public places both for aesthetics and for getting more oxygen in population dense areas
- Green walls of different sizes that can be placed as hoardings either on existing structures or on their own.

Green Schools

Green schools create a nurturing learning environment, decrease student and teacher absenteeism from respiratory and other illnesses, and provide models for teaching the world’s future leaders about sustainability to benefit communities for generations to come.They create new hands-on learning opportunities for students and they save money through reduced water and energy bills.

We contribute to the green school concepts in the following way:

- Advice teachers and student groups on how to grow their own vegetables
- Conducting awareness camps to students on sustainable living
- Provide DIY projects kits to students to experiment and learn gardening
- Provide alternate energy solutions to schools which reduce their power bills significantly.

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