Vertigrow Towers

Vertigrow towers are compact, space saving, vertical growing structures. Instead of growing in multiple pots thereby consuming space and money, vertigrow enables growers to grow plants in a vertical fashion. In 1*1 sq ft space, we can grow 12-32 plants. This will make gardening at your own small balcony a definite possibility. Even kids can learn gardening all by themselves.

In current day scenario where all vegetables and leafy greens in particular, are carrying heavey pesticide residue, growing on your own will not only helps you grow them organically, they also saves money spent on medical bills.

We can grow Flowers, Herbs, Salad Greens,Cherry tomotoes and the like in a vertigrow tower. In the long run the results and ROI on the money spent on towers can be recouped in the form of your family health.

Every year the available cultivable land mass is decreasing with fast urbanisation. Doing agriculture in conventional ways will be expensive in future. Also, the excess use of pesticides, chemical ferilizers, fungicides, weedicides reduced the soil fertility phenomenally.

Sabala Agro focussed on this issue at hand and our research team came up with a novel way of growing fodder, leafy greens, sprouts and micro greens in a moving carousel. A carousel is a vertical structure with multiple trays attached which keeps moving to allow all the plants equal distribution of water, sun shine and fertilizers. This can be grown in a completely soilless way, so all the soil contaminants will not impact the produce.

Since all the plants are grown in a soilless fashion and with less space requirements, the carousels don't have a dependency on agriculture land. Hence, we can grow our own produce in backyards, car garage, restaurants,roof top and the like.

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